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4 7 9 11 40 42 44 50 98 116 126 145 150 175 201 226 230 230 231 242 243 245 250 Contents Vision and Mission Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors Message from the Chief Executive Officer One Bank, One Goal for Thais’ Life-long Financial Well-being Historical Financial Performance Board of Directors Management Team Business Operations Structure and Business Operations Risk Management Steering Business Towards Sustainability Management Discussion and Analysis General Information and Other Significant Information Management and Corporate Governance Corporate Governance Policy Corporate Governance Structure and Important Information Concerning the Board of Directors, BoardCommittees, Executives, Employees and Others Report on Important Operational Results of Corporate Governance Internal Control and Related Party Transactions Financial Statements Summary of Financial Statements Summary of Audit Report Summary of Consolidated Financial Statements over the Past Three Years Attachment Attachments Available on Website (Attachment 1-5) Report of the Board of Directors’ Responsibilities for Financial Reports Independent Auditor’s Report Financial Statements and Notes to the Financial Statements

V i s i o n To become the recommended bank of choice by our customers M i s s i o n To improve our customers’ life-long financial well-being TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 4

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Message from the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mr. Ekniti Nitithanprapas Chairman of the Board 2021 was a year in which the world, including Thailand, remained afflicted by the prolongation of the COVID-19 pandemic, posing a significant challenge to the country’s already slowing economy. However, TMBThanachart or ttb has recognized the role of financial institutions in influencing the economy. It is critical to assist both retail and commercial customers in overcoming economic hardship together and to collaborate with all sectors to support activities that promote economic recovery. All of these efforts were the Bank’s key priorities. At the same time, another bank’s primary mission was to complete the planned merger of TMB and Thanachart Bank. As a result of the merger, TMBThanachart has grown significantly in asset size, customer base, and financial transactions associated with Thai economy. Consequently, the Bank of Thailand announced TMBThanachart as one of the country’s Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs), which are critical to the country’s financial stability and economic system. Additionally, the Bank’s credit rating has been steadily increasing since the announcement of the merger in 2019 from three leading institutions: Moody’s Investor Service, S&P Global Ratings, and most recently, Fitch Ratings, which announced an increase of one notch for TMBThanachart’s long-term foreign currency rating from BBB- to BBB in 2021, reflecting the Bank’s increased potential and strength after the merger. Following the “Make REAL Change” philosophy, TMBThanachart is committed to improve the life-long financial well-being of Thai people. At the same time, the Bank has continuously adhered to and placed a high priority on prudent and transparent business practices that are consistent with the principles of good corporate governance and sustainability. Guided by good corporate governance policy, the Bank has consistently enhanced its tight internal control measures to adapt to ever-changing circumstances and comply with international standards. All of the Bank’s efforts are crucial to its robust and sustainable growth and serve the best interests of all the stakeholders as a whole. With its unwavering commitment, the Bank garnered numerous notable awards from a number of distinguished organizations, including the following: • Ranked “Excellence” for “GoodCorporateGovernance” byTheThai InstituteofDirectorsAssociation for the thirteenthconsecutiveyear • Selected for the Thailand Sustainability Investment (THSI) list by the Stock Exchange of Thailand for the fourth consecutive year • Selected for the FTSE4Good Index for the sixth consecutive year • Ranked No. 1 in the Bank’s assessment in compliance with the Fair Finance Thailand guideline for the third consecutive year • Received the Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards 2021 for Financial Management Excellence from the Thailand Management Association and the Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration of Chulalongkorn University In terms of social responsibility, the Bank continues to put an emphasis on driving social initiatives. Last year, the Bank’s activities turned to online platforms to keep on inspiring youth and communities in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. Among the Bank’s activities was the fai-fah learning centers, which shifted to online classes for youth to learn art and life skills. Meanwhile, to maintain community engagement in the face of the pandemic, ttb volunteers worked with communities to help transform them toward sustainability through online consultations and other means. Lastly, I would like to express my gratitude to shareholders, customers, business partners and all of our stakeholders for their continued support, particularly during challenging times last year. I believe that the potential and strength of TMBThanachart’s successful integration, combined with the steadfast commitment of all management team members and employees to Make REAL Change, will serve as a critical driving force in enhancing services and delivering financial solutions and innovations that cater to each customer throughout their life journey, with the ultimate goal of improving life-long financial well-being of Thai people. Form 56-1 One Report 2021 7

Message from the Chief Executive Officer Throughout 2021, the COVID-19 pandemic has continued to persist with broader impacts. However, since the first outbreak in 2020, we have witnessed sustained efforts from all sectors joining forces to solve problems, mitigate impacts and assist those in hardship. Notably, we have observed acceleration of adaptation and steadfastness in the face of a longer-lasting crisis than expected. So did TMBThanachart; we are entirely committed to changing our ways of working and increasing efficiency so that the COVID-19 situation does not constrain nor affect customer services, corporate social responsibility activities through fai-fah program, as well as the integration mission. We recognize that the Bank’s successful merger is an opportunity to fully synergize and leverage the strengths of both banks, which is instrumental in strengthening the Bank’s continued commitment to customers, shareholders, employees, and society. One Bank, One Goal The integration mission began in 2020 with a series of reorganizations and reinforcement of management teams and employees from both banks to serve a business that has grown double in size. Subsequently, the service channels of the two banks were integrated. And in the last six months of the integration plan in 2021, the new bank and new brand were launched concurrently with system integration and the database migration of retail customers, which accounted for the largest customer segment and was the most challenging procedure. In the midst of COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of our customers and employees has become one of the top priorities of the Bank’s merger mission. We enhanced safety measures at our branches to ensure customer safety while expanding and optimizing online service channels to meet an increasing usage and assisting customers in need of financial assistance. In terms of employee welfare, the Bank expedited work system enhancements that enabled employees to work from home at the highest possible rate. Other efforts included vaccine procurement, insurance welfare benefits and care for COVID-19 infected employees. For frontline customer service staff and those involved in the integration processes, the Bankmade significant actions to alleviate the workload burden and created a safer working environment to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection, such as separation of operating areas, provision of an alternative working location with full accommodation and Bubble and Seal working facilities. Despite a number of challenges and constraints imposed by the COVID-19 situation, our employees were determined and motivated to overcome impediments and achieved the mission of integrating two banks as one on July 5, 2021, as planned. Under this mission, the Bank successfully merged two banks’ databases, as well as migrating the databases of 4 million customers, a loan base of THB 620 billion and a deposit of THB 470 billion from Thanachart Bank to the TMBThanachart system. Furthermore, the Bank enhanced its efficiency after the merger by reducing IT systems and applications of the 2 banks from over 600 to 290 systems and applications. And with the addition of more than 8,000 employees from Thanachart Bank, TMBThanachart now has a total of over 15,000 employees who are essential forces in delivering better financial experiences to over 10 million customers through over 600 branches, ttb contact center 1428, ttb internet banking and the newly-streamlined ttb mobile application. With strong potential of the new merged bank and significantly increased importance to the country’s financial system and economy, the Bank of Thailand announced shortly after the successful integration that TMBThanachart is identified as one of the Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs). Additionally, the Bank later received a credit rating upgrade from Fitch Ratings. Prudent Business Operations for Future Quality Growth With the commitment to all stakeholders and being one of the financial institutions critical to the country’s financial and economic system, throughout the COVID-19 crisis, TMBThanachart has adhered to prudent business practices and avoided aggressive growth during unfavorable economic circumstances that could entail greater risks than at time of normal business environment. This is to preserve the Bank’s financial strength and resources for future quality and sustainable expansion. Form 56-1 One Report 2021 9

Mr. Piti Tantakasem Chief Executive Officer With this direction, the Bank therefore prudently grew new loans in 2021, with a focus on low-risk secured lending, namely home loans and hire purchase, which are the Bank’s areas of expertise and we are one of market leaders. At the same time, the Bank continuously enhances loan portfolio quality by providing proactive solutions and de-risking weak loans. As a result of such a direction, the Bank reported total loans of THB 1,372 billion at the end of 2021, which declined 1.5% from 2020. Although loan growth was slowdown, loan portfolio quality was improved in terms of both diversification and staging. This can be indicated by the diversification of loan portfolio to retail-secured loans. And for loan staging, the combination of outstanding stage 2 loans and stage 3 loans reduced by approximately THB 7 billion or 4.4% from the previous year. One the deposit side, the deposit balance was THB 1,339 billion, which dropped 2.5% from 2020 as a result of a decrease in term-deposit balance from deposit optimization post-merger and liquidity management amid a slow loan growth environment. In terms of the operating revenue, the Bank realized the benefits of the balance sheet synergy from deposit and loan optimization post-merger as planned. Nevertheless, due to rising pressure from the COVID-19 situation, operating revenue declined 5.5% from previous year to THB 65,537 million. In such a revenue-constrained environment, cost efficiency was greatly crucial. The Bank executed strong cost discipline and realized the cost synergy from reducing overlapping costs between the two banks on top of boosting operational optimization. As a result, despite additional expenses incurred from the integration, operating expenses were not accelerated. Operating expense was THB 31,219 million, a 3.0% decrease from the previous year. And because the asset quality was managed in accordance with the target, the expense provision was not accelerated and remained at THB 21,514 million, which was slightly lower than in 2020 at THB 24,831 million. However, it was still at a higher level than normal and sufficient to support risks. As a result, the net profit of 2021 was THB 10,474 million, increased 3.6% from 2020. Although the Bank continued to focus on a conservative business strategy in 2021, we have worked diligently to enhance business potential and competitiveness for future growth. Our efforts included establishing business partnerships through an acquisition of a 10% stake in Thanachart Insurance and Thanachart Securities, as well as implementing digital technology to develop new products and services that will be rolled out in 2022. One Goal for Thais’ Life-long Financial Well-being The COVID-19 crisis has highlight financial fragility issues for many of Thai people. And that underscores the importance of our goals: that is, to improve Thai people’s life-long financial well-being. Thus, moving forward, TMBThanachart remains steadfast in the responsibility to raise awareness and educate Thai people about the importance of financial literacy. The Bank also determines to fully leverage great potential from the merger to continuously create financial solutions that improve customers’ financial well-being across all dimensions, including Mindful Spending & Start Saving, Healthy Borrowing, Investing for Future, and Sufficient Protection. Lastly, I would like to thank all of our customers and shareholders for supporting us along our journey of transformation and growth. Additionally, it is indispensable to recognize every one of our employees for their collaborative efforts in shaping TMBThanachart into an organization with full potential and ready to Make REAL Change for Thai people. TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 10

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Fromthesigningof anon-bindingMemorandumof Understanding on a merger between TMB and Thanachart Bank on 27 February 2019 to the 18 months of preparation for consolidation under challengingCOVID-19 pandemic circumstances, the integration operations continued unabated as all TMB and Thanachart Bank employees joined forcesandworkedcollaboratively toaccomplish the milestone task of integrating the two banks. On 5 July 2021, the merged bank began its very first operational day as TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited or TMBThanachart, with ttb as the Bank’s logo. Following the integration completion, TMBThanachart Bank has been designated as one of Domestic Systemically Important Banks (D-SIBs) according to the announcement of the Bank of Thailand, marking a significant consolidation milestone of the two entities into “One Bank” that is truly committed and strive to improve the financial well-being of its customers as an ultimate “One Goal”. One Bank One Goal for Thais’ Life-long Financial Well-being Form 56-1 One Report 2021 13

“TMB” and “Thanachart” are words that reflect financial institutions that have been steadfast and long sided with the Thai people. The merger is the result of the strong will to combine unique-yet-complementary strengths of both banks, bringing each aspect of prominence into a larger and stronger bank under the name TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 14

TMBThanachart “TMBThanachart” or ttb, with determination to Make REAL Change by delivering tangible results through the core mission of improving the financial well-being of all Thai people. Form 56-1 One Report 2021 15

TMB Thanachart Bank The Bank's commitment is reflected in the ttb logo, which is entirely composed of lowercase letters and comprised of two “tt”, one from TMB and the other from Thanachart and one “b” from the word Bank. All three letters are connected together as a symbolic gesture of moving forward. It also signifies TMB and Thanachart synergizing to grow and progress while siding with customers throughout their life journey. And with no square angles obstructing our commitment, we can provide financial products, services, solutions, and experiences that satisfy the needs of the Thai people. And we intend to keep the logo in lowercase letters to remind ourselves that even as we grow larger, we will stay with the people. We will always stand by their side to care for and improve the Thai people's financial well-being today and in the future. And as a result of the integration of two banks, customers will have a better financial experience than ever before throughacomprehensive rangeof products andservice channels, all delivered inabrandnewatmosphere and image that fosters a sense of caring with human touch and sincerity in serving our customers, as well as a sense that banking is no longer a far-fetched matter. Customers will have convenient and complete access to all banking channels through over 600 branches and over 4,000 newly designed ATMs/ADMs across the country and other digital service channels, including ttb touch mobile application, ttb internet banking and the website Branches with brand new design nationwide Brand new design ATM/ADM TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 16

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Click the picture to watch a video The Mission to Help Thai People in Achieving Better Financial Well-being We Change You Change Let’s Change Together Following the merger completion, the Bank begins pursuing the mission of improving Thai people’s financial well-being by enhancing its services and delivering financial solutions tailored to each customer’s needs throughout their life journey by focusing on four important financial pillars: 1. Mindful Spending & Start Saving 2. Healthy Borrowing 3. Investing for Future and 4. Sufficient Protection. These pillars will assist individuals in establishing a solid financial foundation, including providing financial literacy to customers for prompt adoption, which will enable them to get through the economic downturn caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. And in keeping with its significant goal, the Bank launched the campaign “ttb Make REAL Change - We Change You Change” through various public relations and media channels, demonstrating the Bank’s sincerity and commitment to execute its obligations and exhibiting the Bank’s intention to bring about change. This change, however, can only be sustainable if “you also change”, which means that all customers must work together to truly improve their financial well-being. TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 18

no fixed A saving account with high interest smart port Investment portfolio managed by experts all free An account with free accident insurance coverage Click the picture to watch a video Click the picture to watch a video Click the picture to watch a video Click the picture to watch a video Click the picture to watch a video debt consolidation To reduce interest burden cash2care Lower interest rate when borrowed for necessary purposes Form 56-1 One Report 2021 19

Financial Pillar: Mindful Spending & Start Saving ttb all free Live your life like all free Customer behaviors have dramatically shifted after the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic. A series of changesarebeingmade tostayup to theever-changing circumstances. Savings and mindful spending have become crucial. The deposit account “ttb all free” is a revolutionary new type of bank account that can significantly cut down expenses and enable customers to live “all-around free lives.” ttb all free continues to evolve in response to changing customer trends, introducing the “all free digital” debit card, which provides added convenience and agility for online spending without the need to carry a physical card, reducing contact exposure while also saving customers money, and achieving the value for money goal. With ttb all free, customers can enjoy complimentary perks, discounts, and cashback on all online purchases, including “free” online shopping insurance, special “discounts” on online shopping platforms, and 1% “cashback” of purchase prices in the form of wow points (1 wow equals THB 1). Wow points can be redeemed as digital monetary points, making online shoppingmore enjoyable and cost-effective than ever. Additionally, the benefits of ttb all free helps Thai people savemoney through freewelfare perks such as free accident coverage or no transaction fee, thereby enhancing their financial well-being. Click here for more information The Bank is ready to provide care with expert advice on a broad range of financial solutions that adhere to the fundamental four financial pillars to improve customers’ financial well-being. TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 20

ttb credit card Make every spending matters Everyone’s lifestyle is unique, as are their financial goals. ttb has designed credit card products to fulfill the unique lifestyle needs of each individual. ttb absolute Designed for travelers who want to have a more fulfilling life and go above and beyond. Earn points 2X faster when shopping online, where customers can also benefit from a low conversion rate when shopping overseas as there is no 2.5% foreign currency exchange fee, on top of other superior privileges. ttb so fast Designed for dedicated point collectors, it offers reward redemption and life experiences. Earn points faster for every purchase. The more points you earn, the sooner you will receive your rewards. No entrance and annual fee. ttb so smart Ideal for spenders who enjoy everything value for money. Earn 1% cashback on all purchases, regardless of promotional packages. No entrance and annual fee. ttb so chill Ideally suited for individuals in need of financial liquidity. No charge for each 3% cash withdrawal. No entrance and annual fee. Click here for more information Form 56-1 One Report 2021 21

ttb reserve reserving your infinite success The ultimate exclusive credit card for high-net-worth customers, designed around their needs and aspirations to enhance every stage of their financial well-being, which includes the most advanced and new privileges, such as ttb reserve infinite and ttb reserve signature, with features aimed at extending their wealth endlessly under the concept of “Earn Fast – Burn Smart.” Earn up to 180,000 additional points each year with no actual spending. Earn points faster by earning one point for every THB 10 spent and double points when shopping at online stores and leading hospitals. Redeeming points at a bargain designed to suit financial and lifestyle needs, such as receiving 1,200 baht in cashback when subscribing to a ttb mutual fund or redeeming 10,000 points for special gifts through the ttb reserve catalog. Earn benefits from credit card purchases, such as no 2.5% foreign currency conversion fee and discounts and privileges from leading hospitals. Take advantage of financial benefits such as financial advisor services for tailored investments and fees at special rates. Click here for more information TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 22

Financial Pillar: Investing for Future Financial Pillar: Healthy Borrowing ttb smart port Invest easily and carefree. Take the opportunity to earn good return. How to start investing for the future? This is the biggest question for anyone seeking to begin investing. Some believe it is difficult to achieve because it needs a lump sum of money to invest or be afraid of taking on toomuch risk, which results in delayed investment. We have developed a new investment solution, “ttb smart port,” that makes investing “easy and carefree with the opportunity to earn good return.” Consumers can invest as little as one baht with the support of global fund managers such as Amundi Asset Management and Thanachart Fund Eastspring, which automatically curate and manage funds to help customers achieve their investment goals and improve their financial well-being. ทีทีบี สมาร์ท พอร์ต ลงทุนง่าย สบายใจ ใครก็มีโอกาสได้ผลตอบแทนดี ให้โอกาสผลตอบแทนเติบโต ใครก็ทําได้ตามเป� าหมาย • ผู้ลงทุนควรทําความเข้าใจลักษณะสินค้า เงื่อนไข ผลตอบแทนและความเสี่ยง ก่อนตัดสินใจลงทุน • กองทุนรวมที่ลงทุนในต่างประเทศและไม่ได้ป้องกันความเสี่ยง อัตราแลกเปลี่ยนทั้งจํานวน ผู้ลงทุนอาจขาดทุนหรือได้กําไรจากอัตราแลกเปลี่ยนหรืออาจได้รับเงินคืนต� ากว่าเงินลงทุนเริ่มแรกได้ • สนใจลงทุนและขอรับหนังสือ ชี้ชวนได้ที่ ทีทีบี ทุกสาขา ttb debt consolidation Unlock your burden, unleash your life TMBThanachart is keenly aware of the Thai people’s current economic predicament. As a result, we have developed a series of debt management solutions that address financial needs under the concept of “Healthy Borrowing” by leveraging assets such as home, car, or invoice of expenses into a single loan via debt consolidation through several solutions, such as ttb cash your home, ttb DRIVE cash your car, and ttb cash2care. These solutions are designed to reduce interest rates, make monthly installment payment more manageable resulting in debt relief in a timely manner, and create financial liquidity to improve your financial well-being today and in the future. Click here to apply online Click here for more information Form 56-1 One Report 2021 23

Financial Pillar: Sufficient Protection ttb the treasure Grow your wealth, leave your legacy As a result of the success of introducing the life insurance product, the treasure, available through TMBThanachart Bank, ttb has partnered with life insurance company to expand its success. The product “ttb the treasure” is distinguished by its high level of life insurance coverage and guaranteed returns from the first year to the age of 88, allowing customers to use it to leave a legacy to their heirs and provide peace of mind to heirs for a range of reasons, including education, family building, and retirement, as well as pass on wealth to future generations. ttb smart protect Find your right insurance coverage The COVID-19 pandemic has provided Thai people with a stark reminder of the uncertainty of life and health. TMBThanachart’s mission is to empower Thai people to manage their finances in ways that allow them to take calculated risks in various parts of life. To achieve this goal, the digital tool “ttb smart protect” was developed to provide a user-friendly and convenient assessmenttohelpcustomersexploreandevaluatetheir coverage in threemajor areas: health andcritical illness, retirement savings, and caring for the people behind them. The assessment analyzes the existing coverage state in various areas and recommends appropriate products. Additionally, the Bank offers a trusted advisor who can guide a plan that fits customers’ circumstances. Following the assessment with ttbsmartprotect, consumerscanalsorequest a follow-up call from the advisors or additional recommendations at any of the over 600 TMBThanachart branches nationwide. รับเงินคืน 8% ของทุนประกันภัยทุกป ตั งแต่ป แรก อุ่นใจได้หากเกิดเหตุไม่คาดคิด รับความคุ้มครองสูง 800% ครบสัญญารับเงินคืน 888% รับประกันชีวิตโดย พรูเด็นเชียล ประกันชีวิต ทีเอ็มบีธนชาต เป นเพียงนายหน าประกันชีวิต และรับผิดชอบในฐานะนายหน าเท านั้น รายละเอียดเพิ่มเติม Click here for more information Click here for more information TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 24

Total Financial Well-being Solution ttb payroll Every month will be a better month with ttb payroll solution In 2021, TMBThanachart is dedicated to improving financial well-being by providing unique advantages through its ttb payroll services. Customers can enjoy not only ttb payroll services, but also other solutions provided by the Bank that are meant to fit well throughout the customer’s life journey under the concept “Every month will be a better month with ttb payroll solution.” A series of comprehensive solutions include the following: 1. Increase liquidity with ultra-low interest rates ranging from 10.99% - 12.99% per year (depending on the customer’s income level) on a ttb cash4good personal loan. 2. Save and spend smartly with ttb all free account that enables you to live your life like all free, including free accident insurance coverage up to THB 3,000 with unlimited claims, or earning wow points on financial transactions. 3. Invest your monthly salary in ttb smart port with an initial investment of as low as THB 1. 4. Enjoy coverage and up to 12% cashback when purchasing a designated non-life insurance product. Get 2% cashback on premium payments for tax reduction planning when purchasing insurance or a SSF/RMF mutual funds subscription. Besides that, ttb payroll offers a rewards campaign called #happy16ดีต่อใจ, in which wow points are worth more on the 16th of every month. For example, just 16 wow points can be redeemed up to THB 50 (from normally 50 wow points) when used at top brand e-marketplaces and stores, such as Shopee, Lazada, Lotus’s, or the popular milk tea Kamu. Additionally, the Bank offers extra privileges in the form of webinars designed to equip customers with useful and practical financial knowledge, such as Financial Literacy and Tax Talk 2021, in which the Bank’s investment experts provide investment knowledge, insurance product recommendations, tax reduction strategies, and solutions tailored to each customer. ttb believes that financial literacy is the most vital part of achieving the life-long financial well-being. Click here for more information Form 56-1 One Report 2021 25

Corporate Banking and SME Customers We are committed to being the trusted partner to drive our corporates and SME clients’ businesses towards successandsustainablegrowth thrudelivering services and digital solutions that helps our clients to achieve Sustainable and Sufficient Funding, both working capital and term loans, for our clients to expand their businesses and to achieve full-potential. Operational Excellence, solutions and services to elevate our clients towards operational excellence for both domestic and international businesses. Stakeholder’s Financial Well-being, true financial well-being inclusive of employees and business partners as well as prudent risk management and investment. ttb business one digital banking for business ttb business one is the completed digital banking platform for corporate clients and SMEs, enables our clients to conduct the online transaction from one platform. ttb business one comes with global security standards and best financial-businessmanagement tools to help manage clients’ businesses, regardless of its size, whether it’s large-scale businesses or SMEs. ONEPlatform: Asingleplatformthat shares thesameexperience in all devices such as computer, tablet and smartphone ONE toControl: Aplatform that can access full suite of payment and collection services both domestic and international transactions with a single log-in ONE toCommand: Aplatformthat all transactionscanbeviewed with a consolidated financial summary, approved in a single locationandpresented inDashboard for youeasyandconvenient. Financial Solutions for Corporate Banking Customer Click here for more information TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 26

ttb pocketeer ttb pocketeer is an integrated sales platform or e-voucher platform developed to serve the needs and improve efficiency and competitive advantage for business segments such as hospitals, hotels, beauty parlors, and health centers. The system helps manage the sales process of e-voucher package from end to end, including buyer-seller front line, service appointment, and real-time payment validation. It allows businesses to extend sales channel to capture online demand using the company’s own LINE OA with no system development cost. Not only save cost, the platform also allow businesses to expand customer based thru online channel easier and more convenient. ttb one life business insurance ttb one life is the life insurance for business owner who has loan with ttb. It provides risk protection from disease, death and disability to your business and your family. The insurance covers the insured in case of severe critical illness diagnosed, death or totally disability that will help you and your business move on in difficult time. Click here for more information Form 56-1 One Report 2021 27

Financial Solutions for SME Customer ttb payroll plus ttb payroll plus is the service which allows corporate clients and SMEs or employers to pay salary, allowance, and wages thru digital banking platform (ttb business one) 24/7. It also allows employees to choose accounts with any banks to receive their payroll. With ttb payroll plus, companies and employees will also benefit from extra 4- Plus special services. Plus 1: Employee Benefit Employees can receive additional benefits such as accident insurance coverage, special interest rate from saving accounts and loan application and special offerings for employee’s investment for using ttb account to receive payroll. Plus 2: Group Insurance Business owners are eligible to purchase group insurance for their employees, which covers health and accident protection. For companies with 5 or more employees can take advantage of group insurance at a discounted rate, in addition to the monthly premium payment option. Plus 3: Provident Fund Provident fund management service by experts provide long-term saving plan for employees Thus, employees will have enough money to spend after retirement and get the tax allowance benefits. Plus 4: Digital HRM Digital human resource management system. The system can record clock-in/clock-out time of employees and make the real time approval of leave request by mobile phone using face scan system. The system can generate monthly summary reports. It can calculate salary from leave data automatically. Click here for more information TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 28

ttb fleet card ttb fleet card simplifies fuel cost control by allowing SMEs enjoy refueling, oil changes, and automobile service at participating gas stations nationwide, satisfying the demands of corporate customers. Enable expense limit control for gasoline cost, which customerscanspecify the typeof gasolineandgas stations. Ensure cashless safety with card payments that require entering a pin code upon each usage, allowing you to track all of your expenses. ttb online acceptance ttb online acceptance is the collection service that provides an easy-to-use, one-stop solution for SME business needs. SME can receive money anytime, from anywhere, 24 hours a day, with notifications when the account balance is credited. As well as knowing the balance instantly. There are two key services under collection product family that help improve SME collection transaction to be simpler, more convenient, and faster. • ttb quick pay ttb quick pay is the online collection services by sharing payment links with customers through SMS, email, or social media platform without the need for a website. Quick pay is user-friendly, convenient, and fast. It is designed for B2Conline commerce, withmerchants receiving payment for goods and services after the sales summary is submitted to the bank the next business day, with the report available for download via the Payment Gateway system. • ttb digital invoice management ttb digi tal invoice management solut ion aggregates invoices from the Bank’s database and delivers them to corporate clients’ and SMEs’ customers via SMS or email, where their customers can pay using a debit card, a credit card, or a QR code. It is suitable for B2B businesses who need systematic and corporate-like invoicing or group invoicing where payment results are reported instantly, and proof of payment is delivered to partners. Click here for more information Click here for more information Click here for more information Form 56-1 One Report 2021 29

Financial Literacy Aside from delivering best-in-class financial solutions tailored to each customer’s needs, another Bank’s key mission is to provide individuals with all critical dimensions of financial literacy to improve their long-term financial well-being. The mission is to bolster financial strength immunity, which is crucial for establishing a sustainable life-long financial well-being in which customers can spend and manage their money sensibly. TMBThanachart has developed four digital platforms to promote financial literacy, making information accessible to a diverse population of customers in a simple and easy-to-use manner. 1. fintips by ttb is a financial knowledge resource for Gen Y and younger generations on the Bank’s website and social media platforms, with practical financial solutions provided. 2. finfit with ttb is an online community for anyone interested in living a financially healthy lifestyle. The community is established in a Facebook closed group as a forum for members to share their financial journeys and ideas to inspire members to make positive changes to achieve their life goals. Click here for more information Click here for more information TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 30

3. fin live & learn by ttb is a financial literacy program for employees of businesses that utilize TMBThanachart’s payroll and welfare services. The program provides users with active learning courses designed to promote behavioral change and customized courses for employees with distinct contexts of interest. 4. finbiz by ttb is a program to enhance SME business knowledge through the concept “All-in-One learning hub to learn, grow and thrive” that empowers SMEs with in-depth content that delves into the context of each industry in the digital age. The content is also available across multiple platforms i.e., Website and Social Media. The program enables entrepreneurs to increase their knowledge, capability, productivity as well as help improving their company’s financial health to copewith changes, adapt, and develop sustainably. Click here for more information Click here for more information Form 56-1 One Report 2021 31

Corporate Social Responsibility by TMBThanachart Let’s Make REAL Change to Inspire Our Youths and Communities The year 2021 was another year in which Thai society endured a crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges, TMBThanachart has continued to drive social initiatives to promote sustainability and positive change in Thai society, reflecting the “Make REALChange” philosophy. “fai-fah” has always been theBank’s primary initiative for inspiring young children and communitymembers towork together to overcome this year’s crisis. The power inherent in every child & community The power of giving from ttb volunteers fai fah The meaning of fai-fah: TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 32

fai-fah for Youths fai-fahLearningCenters: Rather thangivingaway freefish, thegoal of all fai-fah learningcenters is to teach youth to fish by encouraging community children aged 12-17 to spend their free time learning art and life skills at no cost. The program’s goal is to inspire youths to use their newfound knowledge to better themselves and their families and create positive change in society. This year, all fai-fah learning centers have launched 3C strategies to inspire youths to work together to overcome the COVID-19 challenge. The 3C consists of the following: 1. Connect: Ensure continued learning by adapting classes (such as art, singing, dance, guitar, and music band) to be entirely online during the COVID-19 pandemic, allowing fai-fah youths to continue studying during the temporary closure of fai-fah learning centers. Additionally, the learning centers offer a variety of activities designed to inspire children and teach financial literacy using an online platform, which keeps fai-fah youths involved in sharing experiences and participating in activities together during COVID-19 pandemic. 2. Care: Provide care to community youths through do-it-yourself activities delivered to their homes via the fai-fah “Happy Box”, which is stocked with equipment for activities that help build art skills and inspire creativity while staying at home, as well as the “Caring Box”, which is filled up with basic medical supplies for children such as face masks and alcohol to keep them safe and “Lunch Box” to support fai-fah youth & families during crisis situation. 3. Contribute: Spread positive vibes through fai-fah Art Fest 2021 in a virtual format to inspire youths to apply what they learn at fai-fah learning centers to sustainably enhance communities and society. By doing this, fai-fah youths will learn how to collaborate online and brainstorm ideas for creative presentations and give back to society in a variety of ways, including designing and producing products for sale using skills learned at the centers, or performing their artistic abilities such as singing, dancing, or sports in the form of video clips to the public online space and generating revenue to support several charities from such creative efforts. Form 56-1 One Report 2021 33

fai-fah for Communities Free Cooking Classes inspired by fai-fah ttb during COVID-19 pandemic: It is a two-season special program that provides free culinary, sales, and entrepreneurial training classes to over 500 unemployed or affected due to the COVID-19 crisis. The program’s objective is to encourage participants to develop the necessary life skills that will enable them to earn additional income through side jobs. Notably, participants will learn to be givers by leveraging the knowledge from the classes to support good causes in addition to being recipients. Tae Young Thai by fai-fah ttb: This initiative aims to cultivate social activities that promote the preservation of Thai identities by providing a space for young people across the country to gain knowledge while having equal opportunities to express their love and convey national identities through three online contest activities: Thai Etiquette Contest, Reading Aloud Contest, and Digital Painting Contest to compete for trophies bestowed by Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn and educational scholarships. This year, more than 2,000 youngers fromover 500 schools participated through the website. www.เท่อย่างไทย.com TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 34

fai-fahby ttb iscommitted tomoving forward to inspire theyouths andcommunities ina sustainableway, reflectingour philosophyof MakeREALChange. Moredetailed information at: fai-fah for Communities: It is the core fai-fah program that reinforces the philosophy of “Make REAL Change.” This year, ttb volunteers continued to improve and sustain communities by offering a diverse range of expertise and abilities such as accounting and finance, brand building, product development, sales andmarketing, and others to spark change and grow communities in the targeted areas via online volunteering approach due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Through six projects led by six teams of ttb volunteers, the program has evolved away from its three-month online volunteering program. The six programs are as follows: Creating Opportunity, Educating, and Raising Income for a Better and Sustainable Life at Sirisat Flat Community (Sriyan Soi 3) in Bangkok, Samannachan SME project at Samannachan Factory Community in Bangkok, Organic Agriculture and Happiness project at Inudom Community in Bangkok, ttb fai-fah for Community at Khonkaen 2 Hospital in Khon Kaen, Ajumma Salted Eggs and Coconut Milk at Quality of Life Development Community in Bangkok. Click here for more information Form 56-1 One Report 2021 35

TMBThanachart’s Royal Kathin Robe Presentation 2021 The Annual Thai Red Cross Fair 2021 In 2021, TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited was graciously bestowed by His Majesty KingMaha Vajiralongkorn Phra Vajiraklaochaoyuhua to offer the Royal Kathin Robes to monks who have completed a three-month rain retreat at a Royal temple, Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan in Suphan Buri. TMBThanachart Bank has been granted the presentation of Royal Kathin Robes for the 15th consecutive year. This year’s Royal Kathin Robe presentation, themed “One Great Charitable Cause Expands into More Than 100 Benignities,” invited customers, partners, and employees to join a grandmerit-making effort in which a single contribution can benefit over 100 sites for the common good. In 2021, donors collectively donated more than THB 19 million to Wat Pa Lelai Worawihan, where donations are given to 167charities under the program “Punboon” to help charities affected by the COVID-19 crisis worth THB 9.5 million. The Thai Red Cross Society is renowned for its prominent charitable role as a place Thai people turn for solace in times of difficulties. TMBThanachart contributed to this cause by selling 200,000 Thai Red Cross lottery tickets through the Bank’s distribution channels and making a THB 6.5 million donat ion (TMBThanachart holds the thi rd- largest organizational donor of over 40 organizations that donate to the Thai Red Cross Society in 2020). TMBThanachart offered a series of rewards to participants who bought the Thai Red Cross lottery tickets 2021. The Bank increased the number of prizes to 351, including a Mercedes-Benz C300 e AMG Sport valued at THB 2.7 million and 350 prizes of gold bars and necklaces. TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 36

1 . Fair Finance Awards 2021 (Ranked No.1 for the third consecutive year) Category : Rank no.1 Fair Finance assessment based on Fair Finance International Guideline By : Fair Finance Thailand 2. Thailand Corporate Excellence Awards 2021 Category : Financial Management Excellence By : Thailand Management Association (TMA) and SASIN 3. IAA Awards for Listed Companies 2020 Category : BEST CEO 2020* By : Investment Analysts Association (IAA) *Award announcement and ceremony was held in 2021 4. LinkedIn Talent Awards 2021 Thailand Catagory : Best Employer Brand By : LinkedIn 5. The Asian Banker Thailand Awards 2021 ttb business one Category : Financial Technology & Innovation Awards in Thailand By : The Asian Banker 6. Marketeer No.1 Brand Thailand 2020-2021 ttb DRIVE Category : Auto Hire Purchase Loan By : Marketeer Magazine, the leading business and marketing media in Thailand 7. Moral Media Awards 2020 Fai-Fah online film Category : Film By : Moral Promotion Center (Public Organization) and Thai Media Fund 8. ASEAN Energy Awards 2021 Category : Retrofitted Building By : ASEAN Centre for Energy (ACE) 9. Thailand Energy Awards 2021 Category : Energy Efficient Buildings By : Department of Alternative Energy Development and Efficiency 10. BSA Building Safety Award 2021 Category : Bronze By : THE BUILDING INSPECTORS ASSOCIATION Awards for Annual Report 2021 1 6 7 2 3 4 8 9 5 10 Form 56-1 One Report 2021 37

Financial Highlight 57% Retail loans Net Profit THB 10,474 mn. +3.6% High portion of retail deposit base which is a stable deposit source Robust Capital Base High level of capital adequacy Capital Adequacy Ratio 19.3% Avoid concentration risk by leaning toward retail lending base, especially low risk-secured loans from mortgage and hire purchase Stable Deposit Structure Deposits THB 1,339 billion Diversified Loan Portfolio Loans THB 1,372 billion 74% Retail deposits 26% Commercial deposits Term loans Working capital Trade finance Personal loan Credit card & Others Hire purchase Mortgage 5% 29% 23% 6% 17% 21% Under fragile economic environment affected by Covid-19 epidemic, TMBThanachart maintained conservative business direction and continued to further improve deposit and loan portfolio quality. Our key objective was to preserve financial strengths for resuming quality growth once economic situation allows. At the same time, we also focused on merger initiatives. With successful execution, we could capture synergy realization and completed the integration process as planned. Following the merger completion, TMBThanachart was announced as one of D-SIBs or Domestic Systemically Important Banks. This reflected the Bank’s systemic importance to the country’s financial stability and economy. TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 38

57% Retail loans Net Profit THB 10,474 mn. +3.6% High portion of retail deposit base which is a stable deposit source Driven by the realization of balance sheet and cost synergies post-mergers, cost discipline and well-managed asset quality Robust Capital Base High level of capital adequacy Capital Adequacy Ratio 19.3% Tier 1 Ratio 15.3% High Liquidity Position Reflected by high LCR of 165%-185% through 2021 Credit Rating Upgrade from Fitch Ratings from BBB- to BBB Credit rating upgrade after becoming one of D-SIBs, reflecting the Bank’s potentials and stability from the successful merger Avoid concentration risk by leaning toward retail lending base, especially low risk-secured loans from mortgage and hire purchase Stable Deposit Structure Deposits THB 1,339 billion Diversified Loan Portfolio Loans THB 1,372 billion 74% Retail deposits 26% Commercial deposits Term loans Working capital Trade finance Personal loan Credit card & Others Hire purchase Mortgage 5% 29% 23% 6% 17% 21% Form 56-1 One Report 2021 39

Historical Financial Performance TMBThanachart consolidated financial statement has included TBANK’s financial performance results and its subsidiary, starting 4 December 2019 onwards. Consolidated financial statements (Unit: THB million) Selected statements of profit or loss and other comprehensive income items FY2021 FY2020* FY2019** FY2018 FY2017 Interest income 64,239 72,320 39,837 35,128 34,713 Interest expenses 13,239 18,515 12,972 10,632 9,979 Net interest income 51,000 53,805 26,865 24,497 24,734 Net fees and service income and other operating income 14,537 15,541 12,956 23,545 12,705 Total operating income 65,537 69,346 39,821 48,042 37,439 Other operating expenses 31,219 32,177 20,674 17,475 17,792 Impairment loss on loans and debt securities 0 0 10,337 16,100 8,915 Expected credit loss 21,514 24,831 0 0 0 Income tax 2,327 2,223 1,588 2,866 2,004 Profit for the year 10,477 10,115 7,222 11,601 8,728 Equity holders of the Bank 10,474 10,112 7,222 11,601 8,687 Non-controlling interest 3 3 0 0 41 Total other comprehensive income for the year, net of income tax -274 309 1,287 -48 164 Total comprehensive income for the year 10,203 10,424 8,509 11,554 8,892 Basic earnings per share (THB/Share) 0.1086 0.1049 0.1485 0.2646 0.1982 Selected statements of financial position items Loans to customers and accrued interest receivables 1,379,684 1,400,447 1,394,108 687,015 644,342 Total assets 1,759,181 1,808,332 1,858,190 891,713 843,872 Deposits 1,339,195 1,373,408 1,398,112 649,568 611,430 Total liabilities 1,548,345 1,603,582 1,663,379 792,934 754,016 Total equity 210,836 204,750 194,811 98,779 89,856 Equity attributable to equity holders of the Bank 210,835 204,713 194,777 98,779 89,856 Non-controlling interest 1 37 35 0 0 Income generation ability Pre-provision operating profit (PPOP) (THB million) Note: Consolidated financial statements, 2018 results included gain from selling 65% of TMBAM shares Note: Consolidated financial statements, 2018 results included gain from selling 65% of TMBAM shares Profitability Net profit to equity holder of the Bank Return on Equity (ROE) (THB million) FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 19,736 30,540 19,658 37,266 34,300 FY2017 FY2018 FY2019 FY2020 FY2021 8,687 11,601 7,222 10,112 10,474 10.0% 12.4% 6.5% 5.1% 5.1% TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited 40