Sustainability Report 2021

26 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 The Bank continues to support complaint management because we genuinely bel ieve that complaint management is an essential component of customer service. It provides valuable insights and helps us better understand the performance of our products and services with a view to improving customer satisfaction. In 2021, there was a structural reorganization of the Customer Care Center department to improve operational and process efficiency for better customer and complaint management. Moreover, a new dedicated function named Customer Complaint Improvement and Support was established to identify potential sources of complaints, tackle the root causes of problems, and correct or prevent those problems from recurring. Root cause analysis and corrective actions are regularly reported to the Customer Management Committee. In 2022, the Bank will focus on three initiatives; sales model revisit, branch efficiency and operational excel lence, and contact center and complaint management overhaul in our continuous efforts to improve customer journey and experience. Complaint Management Breakdown of complaints received by all channels in 2021: The complaints were categorized into three main issues: Institutions/bodies that customers have registered complaints to both direct and indirect: System: for example, transactional errors on ttb touch and ATM/CDM, ttb touch and ATM/CDM were out of services People: for example, queue management and inappropriate behaviors of employees Productandprocess: forexample,customer’s dissatisfaction of loan approval, process errors resulted in missing statements Bank of Thailand Office of The Consumer Protection Board Officer of Insurance Commission Securities and Exchange Commission 4% 4% 7% 85% Call Center Online Channel Branch & Corporate Office Others