Sustainability Report 2021

18 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 Financial Well-being The Bank’s mission to improve our customers’ financial well-being will allow customers to comfortably meet their current commitments and ensure financial resilience into the future. Our goal is to become a trusted advisor by building a long-term relationship and focusing on creating value for customers through the provision of lifelong financial solutions that improve financial well-being. Mindful Spending & Start Saving Buildfinancial discipline tocreate afinancial foundationandsecurity that provides a safety net in case of future emergencies. ttb all free is a transactional account, allowingmore financial management freedom with no transactional feeswhileproviding free necessary protections such as l i fe and accident insurance. ttb no fixed is a savings account with high-interest rates and no fixed term of deposit to help maximize savings. Healthy Borrowing Being in debt is acceptable as long as loans are appropriate and suitable tools are used to ensure that there is a right balance between today’s needs and future liabilities. ttb debt consolidation programs such as ttb cash your home and ttb cash your car combine debts accumulated from credit cards, car loans and personal loans into a single low-interest rate loan that uses the customer’s house or car as collateral. Investing for Future Investment through proper asset allocation by using risk profiles is a crucial step for managing savings to prepare for the future and foster lifelong stability. ttb smart port is a full-service investmentportfoliomanagement for all customers to promote smart investment and financial inclusion. In 2021, the Bank improved this service to become even more inclusive and accessible by a l l owi ng a minimum investment of 1 Baht. Sufficient Protection Recognize the importance of insurance as a tool to mitigate risksandselect relevant insurance that addresses the changing needs of each stages in life. ttb the treasure is a life insurance that assists customers and their families in building lifelong financial stability and financial wealth. With a short payment period of 8 years, customers receive 8% of their pay-back money every year and l ife insuranceuptotheir88th birthday. Once the insurance term is completed, customers receive 888%of their insurancepremium, passing down their wealth to their children. The 4 Pillars of Financial Well-being The Bank defines financial well-being into four fundamental pillars, which underpin the way we work and how our products and services are designed. Highlight products for each pillar