Sustainability Report 2021

24 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 Customer Experience Withthevisiontobecometherecommendedbankofchoice by our customers, customer is at the heart of our business where the Bank is committed to delivering them the best and most seamless experience, both online and offline. Focusing on ttb’s customer-centric business strategy, customer experience is paramount to determine how well the Bank is doing to fulfill its vision. Customer experience performance is reported monthly to the Customer Experience Management Committee, which is a management-level committee that has oversight of customer experience and ensures that customer complaints are properly managed. The committee is chaired by the CEO with members consisting of the President, Chief Retail Banking Officer, Chief Commercial Banking Officer, Chief Auto Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Chief Information Officer, and Chief Marketing and Experience Officer. Tounderstand ttb’s performanceoncustomer satisfaction, the Bank uses top-down Net Promotor Score (NPS) to measure the willingness of customers to recommend us to others and to gauge the customer’s overall satisfaction with the Bank. Moreover, the Bank uses transactional NPS to measure feedback at a more granular level after experiencing our services. This will enable us to better understand the Bank’s service quality and to identify areas of improvement in the customer journey, product Customer Satisfaction 2018 2019 2020 2021* 2021 Target* Top-Down NPS 54 57 61 61 65 *Note: For 2020-2021, the NPS survey was conducted biannually due to the merger & acquisition in 2020 and the integration of TMB and Thanachart Bank in 2021. and service, and banking channels. The result of transactional NPS in 2021 was at 64%, almost meeting the target of 65%. This past year proved to be full of challenges and changes as a result of the ongoing entire bank transfer between TMB Bank and Thanachart Bank where we strived for a seamless transition of customer transfer and customer onboarding. After the completion of the entire business transfer, the Bank experienced a surge in customer inquiries where our employees worked tirelessly to provide the best possible solutions. The Bank is determined to continuously improve our performance to ensure an excellent customer experience and become the recommended bank of choice by our customers.