Sustainability Report 2021

28 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 The Bank manages indirect environmental and social impacts from our business operations through responsible lending and sustainable finance. The Bank has Environmental and Social Responsibility (ESR) Policy that defines an overarching approach to how the Bank manages and mitigatesenvironmental andsocial impacts. From our annual review, there was zero non-compliance to the ESR Policy. In2021, therewaszeroapplication required to develop corrective action plans to mitigate environmental and social risks to the acceptable level. Our Commitment The Bank will exit from the tobacco industry by 2023* * This does not apply to the entire tobacco value chain, specifically parties that are not fully involved in tobacco production (i.e., retailers that sell tobacco products, or companies engaged in transportation and packaging). The Bank will reduce down existing coal-fired power plant projects to zero by 2028 Share of lending by customer segment (% of lending portfolio) 35% Corporate Small SMEs 8% 1% 56% Retail New applications Application that underwent annual review General questionnaire Sector specific questionnaire 3,339 1,540 1,548 486 100% of commercial lending is in line with the ESR Policy Other Top 10 lending by business sector in 2021 (of total lending exclude personal consumption) Chemical Finance Foods Electricity and water supply Construction material Consumer goods retailers Auto wholesalers and parts Healthcare Business services Others 11 Projects were reviewed and approved (100% of total project finance) in alignment to ESR Policy 0 Project was declined Project Finance in 2021 Responsible Lending For more details of the ESR Policy, visit our website: