Sustainability Report 2021

29 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 The Bank, acknowledges the importance of our role in driving and facilitating businesses towards sustainable practices. The Bank has been active in promoting sustainable finance through a variety of products including green loans, sustainability-linked loans, loans with positive environmental and social impacts, and green bonds. The environmental objectives recognized by the Bank as sustainable financing include transition to a lowcarbon economy, carbon resilience, andenvironmental protection, where ttb aims to promote businesses that are in line with theseobjectives. Additionally, these threeobjectives will elicit positive impacts contributing to the following UN Sustainable Development Goals. Sustainable Finance Objectives Green loan set up in 2021 totaled 2,309 million Baht compared to the 2021 target of 1,200 million Baht >9.8 million Baht in green loan outstanding EV loan amount over 2,726 million Baht Sustainability-linked loan set-up of 50 million Baht in 2021, accounting for an accumulated value of 200 million Baht since 2019 Establishment of ttb Green Bond Framework 2021 with Second Party Opinion (SPO) Sustainable Finance Transition to a low carbon economy Carbon resilience Environmental protection