Sustainability Report 2021

44 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 shares at a par value of 0.95 Baht will be offered to TSRP eligible employees with a vesting schedule of 3 years. This past year, the Bank established the ttb Stock Retention Program (TSRP) 2021, which was approved by the Board of Directors. The TSRP 2021 offers newly issued ordinary shares to both ttb and Thanachart Bank’s executives and employees who have met the TSRP 2021 qualifications according to the conditions specified in TTB TSRP 2021. For more details, refer to One Report 2021. 305,000,000 Diversity and Inclusion The Bank has been working diligently to promote diversity and inclusion within the organization ever since the launch of ttb’s Diversity and Inclusion Statement through publishing diversity and gender equality data as well as improving the Bank’s culture of inclusion and belonging. In 2021, women’s representation at the board and management levels, as well as STEM-related functions, increased from 2020. For the first time in several years, 2021 illustrated an increasing trend for female representation at the top management level, which was at 41.7%, surpassing the Diversity and Inclusion commitment of 40%. Although transformational change will not happen in a timespan of a year, ttb continues to inspire our people to perform their best in creating an inclusive work environment. Employee Well-being The Bank offers a comprehensive employee well-being program that covers a variety of health initiatives ranging from COVID-19 stress management, health and wellness, personal development, and financial planning. 89% Inclusion in Gender Equality Index (GEI) 2022 based on 2021 performance of employees are satisfied with the employee well-being program