Sustainability Report 2021

43 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 Growth Mindset | Work and Change Together This program aims to build skills in the areas of collaboration, assertive communication, open mindedness, changeadaptation, andaccountability. In 2021, 1,314 employees completed the program. Pre-and post-training surveys were analyzed, and results indicated that employees expressed a more positive opinion towards collaboration, adaptation, and assertive communication. Captain ttb program 257 employees in the junior management level enrolled in the Captain ttb program with aims to boost their capabilities in these three areas: people management, change management and strategic planning. These elements of leadership are important for the management role and will shape junior management level employees to be a tactical, trusted and balanced captain that can lead a high-performance team. Succession Planning The Bank has a succession plan in place to fill top management positions that will be vacated due to the upcoming retirements in future years. To ensure a smooth transition for successors and business continuity, the Bank has identified critical positions and successor profiles. The readiness of potential candidates that have been identifiedwill be assessed against essential criteria, and after which, candidates will be allowed to participate in the succession development program. In 2021, the Bank identified 161 critical positions and a talent pool of 483 employees. Considering the business growth and retirement cycle, the Bank plans to scout at least 500 new talents and successors in 2022. The Bank’s approach to business continuity through talent and succession development will shape ttb’s futureworkforce that will enable the organization to grow sustainably.