Sustainability Report 2021

42 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 Learning and Development The competency-based development program for employees was initiated in 2020, which was designed to build core and leadership competency in different employee levels and promote growth in career paths. In 2021, 1,200 employees underwent a competency assessment and in 2022, the Bank has targeted to roll out this program to 6,000 employees. This exercise will enable our employees to build relevant skill sets and equip them for future roles and responsibilities. Collaborative Mindset at Work Having an outward mindset that focuses on team success will help enhance the level of collaboration among employees. Outward mindset consists of 5 key elements: The expected outcome from this training program is to build an assertive, open communication and collaborative mindset that enable employees to achieve common goals. In 2021, 733 employees completed the training. Pre and post-training assessments were conducted, and behavioral change of participated individuals were observed and reported by their line managers. The assessments showed that the perception of employees who have participated in this program have improved significantly, suggesting that there is a positive change in the collaborative mindset on both an individual and organizational level. Accountability Helpfulness Awareness Lateral Alignment Vertical Alignment Actively measure and hold themselves accountable for their actions and how it impacts others Focus on doing their work in ways that set up success for others Integrating their work with peers and other function groups to make it mutually compatible Align their work with the objectives of their managers and the organization within their function group Identify and understand others’ needs, objectives, and challenges