Sustainability Report 2021

47 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 fai-fah for Youth fai-fah Learning Centers The objective of all fai-fah Learning Centers is to teach people how to be self-sufficient. It provides opportunities for youth between the ages of 12 to 17 with art classes and self-development skills. Youth participants can use what they learned at the fai-fah Learning Centers to help their families and the surrounding community change for the better. This year, all fai-fah Learning Centers developed the 3C strategy to inspire youth to tackle the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic: Started offering virtual classes to ensure learning continuity, while maintaining a variety of courses including art, singing, music, band, and financial knowledge, just to name a few. Virtual classes were aimed at connecting fai-fah students across the nation and forgingmeaningful bonds, allowing them to enjoy activities together. Spread i ng pos i t ive impact through an on l i ne event called the fai-fah Art Fest 2021 (The Virtual) to motivate youth in utilizing what they have learned to create a sustainable community and contribute to social development. fai-fah students put their knowledge from the Learning Center to good use by brainstorming ideas on how to pay it forward to the community using online communication channels. These ideas were realized through the sale of products that were designed and created by fai-fah students as well as participation in the event’s talent show, where video clips were posted on social media, to demonstrate their singing, dancing, and sports skills. Revenues from the proceeds of the fai-fah Art Fest 2020 (The Virtual) were donated to the Foundation for the Better Life of Children, the Thailand Association of the Blind Music Academy Foundation, and Wat Don Chan Temple. Caring for children in the community through D.I.Y. activities offered by the Bank for fai-fah students, network schools, and local communities at all fai-fah Learning Centers nationwide. 31,505 visits by fai-fah students who participated in both in-person and virtual activities throughout 2021. 6,687 participants were recorded for the fai-fah Art Fest 2021 and the event’s online exhibition and video clips of fai-fah students garnered more than 20,000 views. 1,000 Creative fai-fah boxes contain arts and crafts activity kits that can be used to inspire creativity when sheltering at home for long periods of time. 24,000 Filling Full Boxes provide food boxes for youth in need and disadvantaged communities through all fai-fah Learning Centers. 300 Care Boxes contain basic medical supplies for children such as surgical masks and hand sanitizers to promote good hygiene during COVID-19. 1. Connect 2. Care 3. Contribute