Sustainability Report 2021

53 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 Anti-Corruption and Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-terrorism and Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Financing (AML/CTPF) The Bank has an Anti-corruption and Bribery Policy as well as an AML/CTPF Policy in place to manage and mitigate incidents related to corruption, money laundering, terrorism, and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction by using specific measures and controls. The Bank has also provided whistleblowing channels for internal and external stakeholders to anonymously report suspicious behavior or transactions that are against ethical norms; Bank’s policies (e.g., Code of Conduct, Market Conduct, Anti-corruption and Bribery Policy, AML/CTPF Policy, etc.); and the law. We also educate and strengthen our employees’ knowledge of these topics through training courses as well as foster the Bank’s I-CARE culture, which consists of core values that distinctively define ttb’s beliefs and behaviors. Whistleblowing reports 2021 by topic 7 External suspicious fraud 29 Complaints of products and services 31 Requests of products and services 3 Staff conduct 0 Staff treatment All 70 cases were closed in 2021 78% reported by the public, police, and Anti-money Laundering Office (AMLO)’s order 16% reported by ttb’s internal detection of high volume or high value transactions that are inconsistent with occupation and income (KYC/CDD) 6% reported through other approaches Suspicious transactions report 2021 16% 6% 78%