Sustainability Report 2021

6 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 One of the elements of sustainability is the ability to operate thebusinesswithenvironmental andsocial responsibilities inmind. In order to facilitate and influence businesses to shift towards the green industry, the Bank enhanced its Green Loan by expanding the loan from 2 to 7 categories, covering renewable energy, energy efficiency, sustainable water and wastewater management, pollution prevention and waste management, clean transportation, green building, as well as the sustainable management of natural resources. The Bank also developed the Green Bond Framework to help businesses get access to financial resources that help address climate change and support business transformation towards a low-carbon society. In addition, to mitigate its environmental impacts, the Bank hasprovidedsustainablefinancial solutions, namely, responsible lending and sustainability-linked loans, helping customers to achievefinancial well-beingwhilesimultaneouslydemonstrating the Bank’s responsibility toward the environment and society. In terms of social responsibility, in 2021, the Bank continued to promote financial literacy among its customers and the general public through 4 digital platforms that are easy to access. These include: “fintips by ttb” - a source of financial tips for the new generations on the ttb website and the ttb social media channels, “finfit with ttb” - an online community on the ttb Facebook page to exchange and share financial knowledge, “fin live and learn by ttb” - a financial education program for employees of companies that use our digital platform to pay for salary and benefit, and “finbiz by ttb” - a source of in-depth business knowledge and industry insights provided by experts for SME clients on our digital platforms, including the website, socialmedia, andonlinewebinars. Ourobjectiveswere toenhance the provision of financial literacy which is easy to understand and able to help shape the right mindset for appropriate financial behavior leading to improvements in financial well-being. TheBank knowledge or understanding. In 2021, the Bank was able to enhance its market conduct practices, thus leading to better assessment results by the Bank of Thailand. This further reflected our commitment and determination to improve our services while also being socially responsible. The integration of sustainability into our business operations based on good governance and environmental and social responsibilities led us to retain first place in the Fair Finance Thailand ranking by the Fair Finance Thailand Coalition for the last 3 consecutive years. This reflected our commitment to drive the business towards sustainable banking to promote financial well-being for the Thai people. The year 2021 was another important step as the Bank was listed for the first time on the Sustainability Yearbook 2021 in the banking category by S&P Global in its Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI). The Bank has now been included in the Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index (GEI) 2022 for the first time. This was the result of our outstanding corporate culture that is open to diversity and our policy that promotes equity and inclusion, in line with our approach to sustainable banking as part of society. Lastly, we would like to thank all shareholders, customers, and stakeholders from all sectors for the continuous support and suggestions which have all proven to be very useful for our endeavor towards sustainability. We will contribute to laying the foundation for fair banking to help achieve a healthy equilibrium for the economy, the environment, and a society that embraces sustainability. We would like to point out our long-term dedication to continuously enhancing our business responsibilities and committing to our mission to promote the financial well-being of our customers and the Thai people throughout the country. has also been committed to promoting financial inclusion. With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting the economy globally and the society at large, the Bank was able to help mitigate the impacts by providing loans to more than 750,000 customers. In addition, we also collaborated with the Thai Bankers' Association and the Bank of Thailand to push forward the debt consolidation program to help businesses such as hotels and the public sector get through this crisis. At the same time, theBankbelieves that inorder for thebusiness to succeed, we need to focus on developing our employees as well as our corporate culture. We launched the new corporate culture “I CARE” to guide our new way of working after the recent merging. This new corporate culture reflects our beliefs, core values, strategies, and strengths. We are also committed topromotinganagileapproach toworking, emphasizing teamwork among employees with differing abilities. In addition, we also supported our employees who volunteered as part of our corporate responsibility program for sustainability - the Fai-Fah by ttb. This has been our key CSR program to inspire the young generation and the community tomake positive and sustainable changes in business, the community, and the society in line with our Make REAL Change philosophy. We believe that good corporate governance is the foundation for sustainable growth. We have laid out a management structure that is efficient, transparent, and balanced to help achieve optimal benefits in governance. The Bank places the utmost importance onMarket Conduct, which is critical to our business in terms of establishing and maintaining customer trust and confidenceintheBank.Wefoster,amongallemployees,acorporate culture that adheres to business ethics by committing to maintaining customers’ interest and offering the best and fair solutions to customers while not exploiting customers' lack of