Sustainability Report 2021

60 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 In addition to employee training, there are several measures employed by the Bank to assist employees in ensuring standardized sales quality and the implementing good market conduct practices. Thesemeasures include a detailed customer service checklist called the Blue Folder which ensures that services provided are in compliance with the Bank’s standards; regular two-way communication between the Bank and employees where the employees’ level of knowledge retention are evaluated through unannounced surveys and calls after the deployment of key market conduct messages by the Bank; and finally, mystery shopping to validate the effectiveness of market conduct implementation. In2021, theBank expanded the scope of our mystery shopping program to cover every single product and every ttb’s branch location in an effort to measure and improve customer service quality which is in line with the Market Conduct Policy. Over the past year, there was a total of 1,280 mystery shopping conducted with satisfactory results. Subsequently, the Bank’s rigorous efforts to improve and strengthen our market conduct practice was reflected in decreasing cases of mis-selling complaints. In 2021, there were 98 of mis-selling complaints – a significant decline of 50.8% from the previous year. After investigation, 79 out of 98 cases have been proved to be mis-selling cases and have been resolved.