Sustainability Report 2021

59 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 The tone and direction from ttb’s top management are essential factors to successfully integrate market conduct into the Bank’s corporate culture. By establishingaMarketConductCommittee, the topmanagement is sending amessage across the organization that good market conduct is the Bank’s top priority to which our corporate practices advocate for the fair treatment of customers. The Market Conduct Committee, with their main role being organizational oversight in accordance with the Market Conduct Principles, consists of an executive management committee chaired by the CEO. Fundamentally, the two key objectives of the committee are to ensure that all market conduct-related activities across the three lines of defense are closely monitored and properly managed; and to bolster the Bank’s market conduct riskmanagement processes, buildamarket conduct culture in the organization, and ensure that market conduct standards are implemented in the Bank’s operations. The committee meets on a monthly basis to review the Market Conduct Monitoring Dashboard, which is underpinned by the Market Conduct Principles’ nine pillars. Theperformance results are then reported to the Risk Oversight Committee, Audit Committee, Board of Executive Directors, and Board of Directors on amonthly basis. Market conduct risk assessment has also become the Bank’s minimum standard in product development. The minimum standard vouches for the Bank’s products and its relevance with regard to the needs, financial capability, and understandability of each customer segment. At the same time, the products are also designed to align with employees’ sales skills, the Bank’s operating systems as well as the capability to control sales quality to ensure fair treatment of customers. Market Conduct training is mandatory forallemployeesasitlaysthegroundwork for in-depth understanding of, and compliance with, the Market Conduct Policy and its nine pillars. Two specific functional training courses for sales employees are provided by ttb which include the First Step training and the Being Professional training. The First Step training is designed for new-licensed advisors to provide them wi th product knowledge, system, sales process, and market conduct, while the Being Professional training is designed for existing advisors which emphasizes on ttb’s Market Conduct key messages and the alignment of business practices with Market Conduct Principles. In2021, 100%of employees completed the Market Conduct training and a total of 1,089 sales employees completed both the First Step training and the Being Professional training. 100% of employees completed Market Conduct training 1,089 employees completed First Step and Being Professional trainings