Sustainability Report 2021

67 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 Key Topics Raised by Stakeholders in 2021 The following key topics were raised by our stakeholders, whose inputs were gathered from various engagement approaches throughout the reporting year. The Head of Enterprise Architecture and Information Security Office was appointed to Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) by The Board of Directors to set direction and strategy of the Bank’s cybersecurity, to establish end-to-end security technologies and processes, and to minimize information security related risks. Moreover, the development of IT Transformation strategy laid the groundwork for ttb’s cybersecurity roadmap which entails measures driven by the 5 strategic initiatives aimed at strengthening the Bank’s cybersecurity capability and safeguarding its foundation. For more information, please refer to Data Privacy and Cybersecurity chapter in this report. Digital and Innovation In response to the rise of digital banking accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently, the change inconsumer behavior, ttbhas expedited theorganization’s digital transformation through various digital solutions to enhance customer experience and foster their financial well-being. The Bank’s aspirations to be positioned in Thailand’s top three digital banking platforms and deliver a better customer experience through focusing on the digital aspect of omnichannel offerings, have led to the development of the Digital First operating model. The model was created to drive the adoption of digital solutions while pursuing continuous improvements of the omnichannel customer journey and experience. Essentially, ttb digital banking offers services beyond the convenience of daily banking operations by personalizing solutions tailored to customers’ needs in hopes of strengthening customer engagement and relationships with the Bank. For more information, please refer to Digital Transformation chapter in this report. Financial Literacy and Inclusion The Bank has been a longtime advocate of financial literacy through the implementation of financial education outreach programs directed at our customers, employees, and the general Thai public. We believe financial literacy is essential and fundamental, leading to financial well-being. Hence, financial literacy is promoted for all customers through our four digital platforms; fintips by ttb, fin live & learn by ttb, finfit by ttb, and finbiz by ttb. Equally important, financial inclusion is a key factor to alleviate structural economic inequity, improve social well-being, and foster inclusive growth. Hence, the Bank aims to provide equal, inclusive, and easy access to financial products and services to all our customers in order to improve their financial well-being. For more information, please refer to Financial Literacy and Inclusion chapter in this report. Cybersecurity The merger between TMB Bank and Thanachart Bank in 2021 has allowed the Bank to join the ranks of Thailand’s Domestic Systemically Important Banks or D-SIBs—an integral part of the nation’s critical infrastructure. This has propelled cybersecurity to the forefront of the Bank’s business priority, resulting in an overhaul of the current organizational structure with emphasis on information technology and security.