Sustainability Report 2021

68 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 Contribution to UN Sustainable Development Goals ttb endorses equal access to finance and financial inclusivity in all walks of life because we believe in providing basic financial knowledge to the community to improve their standard of living and quality of life. ttb promotes food security and improved nutrition for students in rural areas by educating and supporting them on sustainable farming through fai-fah programs. ttb encourages Thais to eat healthier, exercise more and care for their health and well-being through our community development projects, which help communities from rural areas gain access to healthcare services. ttb encourages quality education and learning opportunities by providing communities with educational programs and activities at the fai-fah learning center. Here, youth can unlock their potential, express creativity and showcase their talents and self-development in art, music, sports and languages. Additionally, activities under the fai-fah program also support education and sustainable social development. ttb sets target for sustainable business growth and endorses and promotes human rights and the fair treatment of employees. ttb prioritizes innovation by initiating the digital banking roadmap and digital platform to uphold the Bank’s philosophy of ‘Make REAL Change’, which is aimed at building a creative, invaluable and distinct experience for the benefit of customers and the environment. ttb endorses social development through a cleaner, greener and more inclusive approach by offering green loans and community development projects. As a means to encouraging a low-carbon society, ttb continues to improve its internal resource efficiency as well as mitigate climate change impacts by encouraging financial lending to organizations with renewable energy projects.