Sustainability Report 2021

20 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 Digital Transformation In response to the rise of digital banking accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequently, the change in consumer behavior, ttbhasexpeditedtheorganization’s digital transformation through various digital solutions to enhance customer experience and foster their financial well-being. The Bank’s aspirations to be positioned in Thailand’s top three digital banking platforms and deliver a better customer experience through focusing on the digital aspect of omnichannel offerings, have led to the development of TheDigital First operatingmodel launched in 2020. The model was created to drive the adoption of digital solutions while pursuing continuous improvements of the omnichannel customer journey and experience. Essentially, ttb digital banking offers services beyond the convenience of dailybankingoperationsbypersonalizing solutions tailored to customers’ needs in hopes of strengthening customer engagement and relationships with the Bank. >70% ttb touch active users serviced transactions via ttb touch 95% of bill payment 99% of transfer Retail product purchases completed over ttb touch 4.3 ttb smart portfolio increased by times 2.6 Number of savings account increased by times 4.2 Credit card and Cash2Go application increased by times