Sustainability Report 2021

21 Introduction Customers Social Governance Appendix Environment Sustainability Report 2021 2021 Highlights of Our Digital Solutions Dollar-Cost Averaging and Personal Insurance Features on ttb touch The Bank has been continuously improvingttb touch features to promote customers’ financial well-being by making financial management more convenient and easier. Customers can now do the following: • Invest with dollar-cost averaging (DCA) method to help build savings and wealth over a long period. • Find product details, purchase personal insurance, and pay insurance premium via ttb touch. DRIVE Connect Platform Drive Connect Platform is a free online marketing platform designed for car dealers to create their marketing content via Facebook. The one-cl ick cross-channel can be used to create an account that manages onl ine marketing campaigns across different social media channels; namely, Facebook and Instagram with storefront managemen t and i nven to ry management tools. Data analytics are implemented to analyze customer data and to provide insights to better tailor marketing advertisement. Cost-effectiveness is enhanced through the execut ion of the 24-hour AI monitoring systemwhich searches for target customers that can increase investment efficiency. Lead management is employed to manage custome rs t h rough easy-to-understand functions with real-time lead distribution and notification systems by providing measurable results. Intelligent Dashboard is used for analyzing all marketing campaigns and providing an overview of advertisement performance by focusing on key performance metrics such as returnon investment (ROI), inventorystatus, andcustomer profile. 1 2 4 5 3